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25th July 2019

On Tuesday 23 July, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales hosted the inaugural celebration of Penny Brohn UK’s 40th anniversary year.  read more

22nd July 2019

As well as taking much longer to break down than most people think, discarded cigarette butts may significantly damage surrounding plant growth.  read more

8th May 2019

Healing is not just about people... we need to care for our planet too.  read more

10th April 2019

NHS England has said it is going to 'formally request' that the Government ban GPs from prescribing homeopathy.  read more

1st April 2019

4 pupils and 3 teachers at a school in Ripon, California have contracted cancer over the past 3 years and parents believe a cell tower is to blame  read more

24th July 2019

Europe's first summit on urban psychology in London in June 2019 provoked discussion on the role of "therapeutic cities" in mental healthcare.  read more

5th June 2019

Tramadol, say doctors from the Mayo Clinic, is even more addictive than the other opiods, such as oxycodone and hydrocodone. Read more...  read more

8th May 2019

New research has now linked distant earthquakes to fracking. Wake up people!  read more

8th April 2019

This fee support opportunity provides women who work in the healtcare sector with funding of up to 1,000. Read more...  read more

26th March 2019

Two servings of mushrooms a week protect against memory loss reports What Doctors Don't Tell You  read more