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12th March 2013

A skin cancer expert nurse is showing trainee hairdressers how to look out for signs of cancer among their clients  read more

10th January 2013

In a new guide the RCGP recommends that GPs should not block PHBs even if treatment has no clinical evidence to support it.  read more

30th November 2012

After an in-depth pilot study, the Care and Support Minister, Norman Lamb, has announced today that Personal Health Budgets should  read more

24th August 2012

What Doctors Don't Tell You (WDDTY) is launching as a monthly consumer magazine following its enormous success as a subscription journal and website.  read more

4th May 2012

At the College of Medicine annual conference Prince Charles said greater efforts should be made to put patients at the heart of the healthcare process  read more

11th January 2013

The CPRE are campaigning for the top 7 British supermarkets to give more support to British farmers, local food producers and the countryside  read more

11th December 2012

The first wave of 34 CCGs has been authorised by the NHS Commissioning Board to control their local area health budgets  read more

24th September 2012

September's issue of Military Medicine suggests HT+GI provides significant clinical reductions in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)  read more

4th May 2012

A round-up of CAM news in the week ending 30/4/12  read more

20th October 2011

Executives rate patient satisfaction higher than improved health outcomes when evaluating complementary medicine programmes.  read more