Free energy healing sessions offered to US military vets

23rd September 2015

The horror and pain of war persists for many veterans decades later, even thought they may receive talk therapy and medication.  Now, some are being offered a "touch" of healing.

From his toes to his head, Ted John has held war inside him for 25 years.  A Marine helicopter electrician in the first Gulf War, Ted says he's struggled ever since he spent a day on morgue duty and watched aircract in the days after.

"Fully loaded with ordnance and coming back empty and realising we're making a lot more people look like these guys in the morgue," said Ted. 

Now he is getting help for his post-tramatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression in a way few veterans have.  It's called energy healing. 

John Hoefer, executive director of the Kansas City Healing Project explains the principle that each person has a subtle energy feidl around them.  As an energy healer, Hoefer's goal is to "unstick" the energy field by touching various places on the body.  Hoefer points to one study of active duty Marines that was published in the journal "Military Medicine".  It cound a 25 percent reduction in PTSD symptoms in those who had healing touch and guided imagery.  It's one reason why the Kansas City Healing Project is offering the sessions free to veterans and their family members.

"They can being to re-experience who they were before," said Hoefer.

Ted John added, "It allows the pain to dissipate.  The stranglehold isnt' quite as tight any more."

Ted says energy healing isn't a cure, but it is helping him feel better.



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